I was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and when I was 22 years old, I moved to the Sunshine State: Miami, Florida. I came in search of accomplishing my dream of becoming a professional athlete, competing, and passing on my knowledge to others (whom I call my disciples) as an attempt to help them better their lifestyle through exercise like i am black belt in KunFu Manthis.To them, I dedicate my time and effort, so each one of them can also accomplish their goals. My dream now is for my students to accomplish their goals. In my questionnaire for potential students, I ask them conventional questions about their physical health, but also questions regarding the amount of time they realistically have to train, and their job or work environment. 

Therefore, I can adapt to what they are used to. Because each specialty can be completely different, it is extremely important I can communicate with them efficiently and I use diction that they are used to hearing. This way, they can really understand the essence of their training and process it as a way of life. People should feel the need to exercise and feel pleasure doing so. From then on, my saying has always been to enjoy. Then, the hour passes by quickly, even if the training is intense.

The system and technique tend to be intense exercises with weights and machines, pilates on a variety of pilates machines or without them, and cardiovascular exercise. These integrated techniques yield better results, more quickly—even benefiting the joints, bones, and heart. In my classes, I include 2 secrets for success:

1.The exercise you execute must be done very slowly.”Potograph” this method, the muscle can be isolated and toned much more effectively.

2.Changing between each exer

cise does not include a resting period, and should be done quickly.Regarding the nutritional aspect, I have removed the word “diet” from my vocabulary, and I have changed it to the expression “nutritional habits.” I tend to be precautious because I wish to give my students a long-term change rather than something temporary. Especially since people tend to use diets like yo-yos, they lose weight rapidly, but they gain it back at the same rate afterwards. I believe that determining adequate and well-balanced amounts of food depend on sex, age, and daily activities. Consequently, I am able to personalize the nutritional programs and create a ‘business’ with my students, in which money is equivalent to calories.